Covid-19 Employee/Company Updates

Effective immediately KPE will be working a modified schedule as the service & parts division of the company is considered essential. For the next two (2) weeks we are guaranteeing payment of forty (40) hours each week. After the initial two (2) week period we will reevaluate this.

We are asking that you monitor your work email through Office 365 for updates. Please add Microsoft Teams to your cell phone if you have not done so already (directions listed below).

During this period you are required to complete a time card if you are not using a time clock and submit it for any actual hours worked. Timecards can be sent to

If you have any questions please speak with your immediate supervisor.

Office 365:

This is a cloud service so you can login and use this from any device with a browser.

Go to
To login you need to use your full Keystone email address such as:
Your password is the password you use every day to log in to your computer

Once you login in you will have access to the web versions of all your current local apps; Word, Excel, Outlook & Teams

If you are only mobile you can download the following apps:

Microsoft Outlook & Calendar
Microsoft Teams

These apps do not require any special control over your device by Keystone

The login credentials are the same as mentioned above for Office 365